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2017 - 01 - 09
Type of Laminate:FR-4Layers:2Finish:Gold Electro PlatingBoard Thickness:0.6mmSpeciality:Min.Line Width/Spacing:0.075mm
2017 - 01 - 09
Type of Laminate:FR-4Layers:2Finish:Gold Electro PlatingBoard Thickness:3.2mmSpeciality:Max.Board Thickness+Gold Plated Board Edge
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Quality is always our first priority. Our goal here is to achieve complete customer's acceptability and satisfaction. In order to ensure this, we have been keeping investing in advanced technology and testing equipment over the years. Our products are UL certified and complied with IPC-A-600G specification. The recognition of TS16949 & ISO14000 quality system further assure you with our product reliability and sustainability.

Acceptability of Printed Circuit Boards

• As per customer specification, or

• IPC-A-600G

Quality System

• TS16949:2002

• ISO14001

• UL

Customer Service

• Immediate response

• Imperfection concern

• Quality inspection team at customer's disposal

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