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2017 - 01 - 09
Type of Laminate:FR-4Layers:2Finish:Gold Electro PlatingBoard Thickness:0.6mmSpeciality:Min.Line Width/Spacing:0.075mm
2017 - 01 - 09
Type of Laminate:FR-4Layers:2Finish:Gold Electro PlatingBoard Thickness:3.2mmSpeciality:Max.Board Thickness+Gold Plated Board Edge
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Manufacturing Capabilities

LaminateFR-4 (Tg140,Tg150,Tg170 etc.)
Halogen Free FR-4,CEM-3
G10High-Temp G10,Telfon
Surface FinishingGold Electro Plating
Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
Lead Free H.A.L
Immersion Tin/Silver
Minimum Line Width/Spacing0.05mm
Minimum Finished Hole SizeΦ0.10mm
Thickness of Board
Single & Double Side0.1~3.2mm
Maximum Board Size450mm ×650mm
Gold Thickness
Thick Gold Up to 1um
Flash Gold0.025um
Low-Stress Nickel Thickness2.5um
1. Non Plated-Through Hole±0.05mm
2. Plated-Through Hole±0.08mm
3. Outline±0.10mm
Registration Tolerance
1. Drilled Hole To Drilled Hole±0.05mm
2. Drilled Hole To Circuit Pattern±0.10mm
3. Drilled Hole To Punched Hole±0.10mm
4. Drilled Hole To Outline±0.10mm
 (For 1.6mm Thickness of Laminate)

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